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Chromatic hallucinations

Sean Christopher Ward

August 7 - September 30

Sean Christopher Ward is an interdisciplinary artist focusing his efforts of painting in the style of op art, with major influences from Masters of the movement, like Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely, who utilize flat design to create depth and kinetic movement through strict hard edges and the utilization of masterfully placed colors side by side or next to negative space in order to keep the works constantly moving within the optics of the viewer.  The process I use to create my artwork is a mixture of traditional and digital techniques. It begins in the digital realm of Adobe Illustrator to create the design of the works first and foremost, or lately with pen and paper, to achieve ultra-crisp and planned results, then transitioning into the traditional realm of hand painting all the fields of colors onto the individual layers of the painting.  This process sounds overwhelming, but it has become common practice for Sean’s works and you can see the commitment to excellence through the lengths of time it takes to create each work!


As a resident of Wichita, Kansas throughout my entire life, I have had the luxury to learn under over one hundred different art instructors and pick up techniques in much more than just drawing and painting.  In fact, I also know how to spin ceramics, hand build ceramics, weld and create steel sculptures, very haphazardly make glass sculptures that tend to break with a single touch, sketch from reference, design print and digital media and websites, photograph models and still life images (I did this for 4 years of my life professionally!) and last, but not least, collage.  Most of this I learned when I acquired 1.99 degrees from Wichita State University.  A Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, and 3 credits shy of a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Studio Arts (Emphasis: Painting).  Through all of these courses and the multiple business courses I took in college, it has positioned me to create an approach to art much like an entrepreneur would approach their business.

With over 620 paintings in permanent and private collections spanning 10 countries, including France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Qatar, the United Kingdom and the US Virgin Islands, the reach of Sean's artwork is expanding as each year progresses! 

Notable works in private collections include Bob Dylan, Elton John, The Center for Women’s Wellness, The ICT Pop-Up Park, The Pixies and Universal Studios Japan.

All donations to this exhibit and from visitors will go to the the Family Life Center of Butler County Safehouse. Donate today to help their work providing comprehensive services to the victims of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault/abuse.

The show can be seen in person (our hours are 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Friday) or on our virtual tour

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