Charles Baughman Biography

Charles Baughman is a celebrated artist from Wichita, KS.  His work has been in galleries across the US and England.  Charles has been an artist since he was a small child drawing on homework and in the margins of tests at school.  His parents have always been supportive in his artistic endeavors and that support has enabled him to continue to grow as an artist and business owner.


Charles and his wife, Kate, have four children that are also gifted artists in their own right.  Charles and Kate opened an art studio, The Art Park, almost 20 years ago and have been educating young and old in all ways creative.  Charles enjoys teaching and seeing that light bulb moment when a student understands a new concept and applies it to their work.  Many of his students have been with him for decades and those relationships have inspired his personal work.  As a young man he was focused on drawing and painting realistically, but as he taught and discussed art and the creative process with his students he branched out and his style loosened to what you see today.  


You may notice a unique signature of his work – a heart shaped rock in each painting.  Charles and Kate have been collecting these for each other since they first met and now everyone in their circle of people collects them for his paintings as well.  The heart rocks are a symbol of Charles’ love of nature, painting and family.