Should I stay or should i go?

Learn about the process museums have to go through and factors that go into officially removing pieces of art and artifacts from their collection. This educational show displays many of the works in the Coutts' collection that are on the list to be deaccessioned, and visitors can decide whether they think the pieces should stay in the collection or be removed. 

Piece pictured is "Flint Hills June" by William Howe.

This exhibition shows the more delicate side of the Museum's collection. 

The piece pictured is "Mar Azul" by Don Hazen.

This exhibition can also be found on our virtual museum tour


Flowers and femininity


Coutts history in photographs and art

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Coutts Museum of Art. This show includes photographs, personal items from the Coutts family, and artwork that Mr. Coutts had commissioned for the the Museum's opening. 

Piece pictured is "Mr. Coutts and Lady" by Helen Fee

This exhibition can also be found on our virtual museum tour

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