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Life Expressions

Charlene Jesser

November 2 - December 31

Little did 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Woody, know that when she picked 8-year-old Jesser to help her create a bulletin board on perspective with three trees and a river, that she was starting a desire for that child to be an artist. Jesser cherished taking that classroom poster home, and the image remains etched in her mind.

Creating works of Art as part of life's expressions shall endure forever. Jesser's preferred medium is oil. However, she also enjoys oil pastels, gouache, water color, acrylic, ink, markers, pencil, charcoal, and all other mediums. The idea is, to simply create works of art.

Jesser was born in El Dorado, Kansas. She grew up in a rural setting and attended Andover schools. She began her art training at Butler County Community College and enjoyed obtaining her Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Wichita State University. Following that, she followed a teaching career at Augusta schools. She has additional art training from Emporia State University and Boston University where she had the opportunity to study  overseas at Venice, Italy (a childhood dream fulfilled!). While there, she received her Master's in Art Education. Today, as a retired teacher, Jesser fulfills her passion for art education as an instructor for youth classes at the Coutts Museum of Art. Developing the children's art skills is exciting, as Jesser works with talented artists every day.

Jesser has inspired many young beginners. As an instructor, she has been instrumental ini the display of her students' art work. The Kansas State Board of Education has displayed her students' works, and the "Dream Rocket" project has displayed them across the nation and overseas. She also enjoyed teaching young artists while in Venice.

Even with all of her accomplishments, she continues to develop her career as she journeys along life's way.