Nancy Marshall Biography

As a child I was encouraged to draw, however the parochial schools I attended offered no training in the visual arts. The interest was there, but not the opportunity for skill development. That did not deter me from pursuing a degree in Art Education (1970), where I was able to study how we learn. Teaching at an amazing public school, Topeka High (a WPA project) where the visual arts were emphasized, I met a great mentor, artist and friend, Jean Bass. She and her husband, Jim Bass (bronze sculptor), showed me how to bring art to living. Because of the generosity of another friend, Betty Brink, I had cheap rent on a studio to pursue a passion, painting. In the mid 80s, renowned Kansas landscape painter, Bob Sudlow, introduced me to plein-air painting in the Flint Hills. A University of Kansas instructor, Lisa-Marie Rousseau, taught me to love paint and KU gave me the money to study in Europe as a Lockwood Scholar. I have kept my studio open for business since 1989 (BFA, Painting, KU). I paint on commission and choose subjects that interest me. My paintings are usually described as narrative and are often a combination of portrait, landscape and still life with some magic realism in the mix. 


The arts invite us to step outside of time and create or absorb an experience, usually enjoyable. Art may ask us to think, feel or ask questions. The venues available for sharing an art experience are treasures. I am grateful to the Coutts Museum of Art, it's staff and patrons.